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If you are between the ages 25-105, love the arts, photography, and making beautiful portraits or have a parent in their golden years you'd love to see photographed, I want to talk to you.

 I'm starting a project that will hopefully capture the spirit and essence of the person I am photographing, no matter what their background. When I say Intimate, I mean the thing that makes you, You.

If you're interested in participating, this is purely a social project for the community- for posterity

- It is my goal to try to get a snapshot of our society today for generations to come. Your "Inner Beauty"

You don't need make-up, hair done, or fancy clothes, although you may certainly do so, if you desire. I want to make a collection of who we are right now, and take away all the distractions, and leave just a pure moment that reflects your true self. Message me to set up a time.

Viviana Nadowski, Photographer/Owner of Visions By Viviana, a division of Nadowski Enterprises, Inc - (608) 774-1415 | 520 E. Grand Ave, Top floor of the Beloit Fine Arts Incubator

How Do You Want To Be Remembered? Join the Everyday People Project

  • Elaina

    "My Kind of Woman"

  • "Down to Earth"

    Crystal Nata is a Kenosha, Wisconsin native who has lived in Janesville for 3 years. She studied art and music at the University of Wisconisn-La Crosse and Parkside for a total of 4 years. Her passions include spending time with her 2 year old son, playing violin, and freelance photography. For 2 years she has been working as a full time tattoo artist at Inkward Tattoo in Janesville, WI. She has a love for art and music and watching other people be creative.

  • Jessica

    "Strength" Jessica, Thank you for contributing to my "Everyday People" Project. I admire your courage and strength as a woman and a mother.

  • "Pride & Joy"

    Michelle and "Cain"

  • Brandon - Poet

    Words bend worlds Through pain we'll conceive an art that in time will destroy itself. - Brandon T.

  • Denita and Brian

    "Carry me in your heart wherever you go I'm always here. You just have to look within."

  • Megan

    "Grace & Beauty" Megan Niedfeldt is from Beloit, WI. A mother of three boys ages 11,13 and 19. Megan works with people who have special needs, children through adult to help them become the best they can and use their able abilities to do better. Hobbies include bike rides, extra roles in movies and gardening. One of many favorite quotes..."Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." - Oscar Wilde

  • Carol

    My name is Carol Taylor. I am a Pastor, (United Church of Beloit) wife, mother, and am owned by a cat. Every day I need coffee, chocolate, the internet, books, and laughter. I adore the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Cubs. Since I manage our church social media, our twitter page follows both teams. I am an amateur photographer, using a Canon with a good zoom lens. I do mostly nature shots, but I also take pics at church events, for the newsletter and social media. My husband & I have been blessed to do some traveling, and so I have been able to photograph Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico, among other areas of God's creation and beauty. Some of my photographs and writings are on my blog; With Coffee, Chocolate and God (Not in that Order) http://coffeechocolatenme.blogspot.com/

  • Lynda

    Fitness Instructor/Coach at the YMCA

My first love is Nature and Landscapes, I could spend hours and hours wandering the country and exploring with a camera. It's where I find the most joy in life. You never know what you're going to discover next!

You can find my complete current collection on my Fine Art America website or the most popular ones in my Nature & Landscapes Gallery. Both offer amazing quality but also different products are offered through each one.

Wisconsin Beauty

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