Thank you for inviting me to Ellie Mae's Birthday Party! You may order prints and gifts directly through the buy button on your favorite image. Photos will be fully edited before being shipped to you. If you want the printing rights to an image, write down the IMG_1234 number located on each picture. Make a list. They are $10 each and includes editing like skin softening, blemish removal, eye brightening, and lighting.

Printing Rights means you can print unlimitedly at a printer of your choice without further compensation to the photographer for that image. Visions By Viviana still holds copyright over all images created, but offers the license to print to clients for their own enjoyment.

Some of you may know all of this already but there may be some folks that don't know how printing rights works. But if you only plan on creating a 4x6 or 5x7 of an image, then I would suggest purchasing them straight through the gallery to save money. If you plan on blowing a photo up, and you don't need high quality fingerprint resistent/uv protection lustre finish on your prints - then I would suggest purchasing the printing rights to print on your own.

If you have a questions, please contact me through Facebook or Email. -Viviana Nadowski of Visions By Viviana Please take a moment to LIKE my Page on Facebook if you want to follow my updates - Click Here: Visions By Viviana Photography Facebook Page If you want to see nature and landscapes around Rock County and beyond - click here: Nature and Landscape Gifts and Merchandise

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